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We are totally invested in the laws of the true Naples pizza.  We feel they are essential to create the finest pizza in the world.  Few who have been to Naples would disagree!

The Dough


Simple, superb ingredients.

Just water,  fresh yeast,  rock salt and 00 flour.

The dough is proofed for a minimum of 40 hours allowing plenty of time for the fermentation to bring out the flavour in the cornicone (crust)

The Fire

The fire is very important!   To create the perfect Naples pizza,  the oven temperature should be 430 degrees Celsius.  (1000 F) 

This blast of heat will cook the pizza in under 90 seconds under the supervision of the pizzaiolo who will carefully rotate and raise the pizza to ensure it is evenly cooked.  

Wooden logs of very dry birch and ash are used in the oven to get the temperature so consistently high.

In fact the oven is still a steady 200 degrees  even the following  morning.  This is when we cook our homemade bread the we use in the restaurant!

The Big 3 ingredients

Almost all our ingredients are sourced from the Naples and surrounding Campania region.

1.  00   Caputo flour - The Neapolitan legendary flour mill has been located right in the heart of Naples for over 150 years.  The grain is processed through many mills to produce a very fine powder flour

2.   San Marzano tomatoes - These tomatoes are grown on the volcanic slopes of mount Vesuvius.  These tomatoes are world renowned for their sweetness and very low acidity.   The are perfect for our pizza sauce.

3 Buffalo Mozzarella - made from buffalo milk in the Campania region.  It offers a smooth texture and wonderful taste.  Perfect for true Neapolitan pizza.


The most important ingredient - If you have ever spent any time in Naples you will be aware of the passion of the locals for pizza.  Its almost a religion there and its how we feel here too at Paolos.

The true pizzaiolo must have a passion for food they create,  attention to detail makes all the difference.

Here at Paolos we bring that passion to our restaurant so you can enjoy the taste of Naples right here in Heswall.


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